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Award Winning Author of horror fiction and designer of tabletop board games.


Jon Cohn’s Latest & Upcoming Releases


Welcome to Ghostland, the most dangerous park in the world! 

Play the board game co-designed with Duncan Ralston, based on his Mega-hit book trilogy.

Ghostland will be coming to Kickstarter later this year! Stay up to date by clicking the link below!

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Try Not To Die on Slashtag is now avaialable on Amazon!

Step into the world of Slashtag in this interactive gamebook that is a stand-alone prequel to the novel. 

Make the hard choices as a playtester of the most haunted competition show ever created! Solve Puzzles, stop ghosts, and whatever you do, try not to die!


A Trio of New Games!

Three new games are coming this year based on classic and new horror films!

Basket Case, Black Christmas are solo-designs frome me, while Thanksgiving I've co-designed with Eli Roth himself! All three of these games will  be coming out this year in a partnership with Stop The Killer Games!

For More info and preorders, visit Stop The Killers's websisite!

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Slashtag is officially a best-seller!

Reaching the #1 spot in Amazon for:

- Classical Horror

-American Horror

-Horror/Sci-fi/Fantasy in Television

You can learn more about Slashtag with it's own companion website


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Everything is Temporary is now available!

IT meets Home Alone in this Ho-Ho-Horror novel about family, trust, evil Christmas trees, and a truly monstrous Mrs. Claus.

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Its a Winner!

The Island Mother has won Publishers Weekly's Booklife Prize for best Indie Horror of 2022, and was a finalist for best Fiction of the year!

Find out what all the fuss is about by purchasing The Island Mother today!

Read the full list of finalists HERE

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Welcome Back to the Grind House!

The narrative-horror game is back for a second edition with tons of new expansions and player count!

Click the link for a late-pledge now!


The New Owners is now available on Amazon!

This short horror story focuses on a pair of newlyweds who purchase a house and end up with more than they bargained for.

Buy it now for $.99, or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

"I love horror and this was a great short story to read right before bed. Scared the bejesus out of me!"


Amazon Review


"As the family is spending more time together by virtue of the mad max dystopia outside with the pandemic raging... I found myself looking for something besides monopoly to argue over. This game is so much fun with the teenage children in the family."

Grind House Game

Amazon Review

"This game is very fast paced and a lot of fun to play. If you can coordinate your team correctly then when it all comes together its an amazing feeling."

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